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This Saturday 12/07/14 WFCRC are promoting Youth races under the guidance of our Go-ride coach Richard Pedersen

We have 90 confirmed pre entries so will defiantly need help with this. We are using electronic timing  for the first time but need bods on the day please

Contact Richard on 07870 330435 1st race at 10.00 am I think


Club TT championships 2014


Link to Club TT Duty rota

Members- before traveling to the track  please check track availability for Thursday & Saturday  sessions as I have been unable to book every Thursday & Saturday (but most)










Race results w/e 20/07/2014

There were mixed fortunes for Wyre Forest CRC riders in last week's races with the weather being the determining factor.  In the Echelon-Rotor promoted 10 miles time trial on the K33/10D course near Salford Priors Andy Convery, riding in near perfect conditions, took over 40 second off his previous best time finishing in 21-23 despite having to stop for traffic at one of the islands on the course.  However Justin Walters who started 40 minutes later had to contend with thunder, lightning, torrential rain and flooded roads, but while many riders failed to finish or did not even start he carried on to record an excellent time for the conditions of 21-53.  Lucy Walters while missing the worst of the weather had to contend with a wayward motorist, but finished with another fast time of 24-03.
Earlier in the week Dave Meacham rode the Geoff Ambler Trophy 25 miles time trial promoted by Coventry RC on the tough K41/25 course where he was one of only three riders to break the hour finishing 3rd with a time of 58-59.

Midweek TT Championship 16/07/2014

Riders escaped the heaviest of the rainfall at the latest round of the midweek time trial, but the humid conditions seemed to affect many riders as they complained of slower times.   However this did not seem to affect Justin Walters, Jon Howard and Andy Overton who posted some excellent times on what is considered to be a "slow" course.

Midweek TT championship results:

Justin Walters     23-04
Jon Howard        23-28
Andy Overton     23-53
Stuart Walker      25-24
David Briggs       25-53
Andy Knight        26-07
Luke Mason        26-13
Lucy Walters       26-19
Ken Bradbury      27-27
Steve Leat           30-41
Kelvin Lye            31-55
Mark Turner         32-44

Other results:

Oliver Hayward      Ludlow CC          26-45
Aaron McCulloch   Worcs St Johns  30-25

Points positions:

Scratch                                      Handicap                                Vets on standard
Jon Howard      381                   Stuart Walker     325              Jon Howard             404
Justin Walters   340                  Jon Howard        313              Justin Walters          335
Stuart Walker    307                  Justin Walters     291              Brad Bradley           267

Midland rankings

Latest Midland rankings for WFCRC riders courtesy of Justin Walters.

M/F   Rank    Name             Cat      Points  Ridden

M      13    Justin Walters   1st cat     937       9
M      19    Andy Convery   2nd cat    881       9
M      59    Jon Howard                      648       4
F         8    Lucy Walters     3rd cat    440       9
M     124   David Meacham               394       3
M     138   Gary Jones                       370       4
M    159    Andrew Overton               322        2
M     195   Paul Gibson                     276        4
M     369   Paul Darby                       139        1
M     377   Andrew Preece                135        1
M     429   J Lloyd                             115        1
M     472   Patrick Connolly                99         2
M     556   Michael Bradley                 61        1
M     671   David Brown                      15        1
F     115   Claire Turner                        4        2

Race results w/e 13/07/2014

With the club's midweek time trial championship race cancelled due to traffic lights on the course Wyre Forest CRC riders had to travel to other venues for their weekly racing.
Justin Walters again teamed up with Jez Pile of VC Sevale to post a personal best time of 52-23 for 2nd place in the 2up 25 miles time trial promoted by Cardiff 100 Miles RCC on the fast R25/7 course in South Wales.  This time beat their previous best by over 4 minutes and was just 2 minutes behind the winners ex professionals Matt Postle and Alun Owen.  Andy Overton and Dave Meacham recorded 54-02 for 4th place while Gary Jones and Brad Bradley overcame a poor start when they went several miles off course to record a time of 1-16-34.  Lucy Walters and Paul Gibson won the mixed team prize with a time of 59-23.  Dave Meacham followed up his success with 2nd place in a time of 23-57 in the Stourbridge Velo promoted midweek 10 miles time trial on the difficult Halfpenny Green course.
Also in action were circuit specialists Oliver Rolinson and Ken Bradbury who placed 4th and 9th respectively in the Beacon RCC promoted 4th category race at the Stourport Sports Club.

Race results w/e 06/07/2014

Fresh from his holiday in the French Alps Justin Walters lost no time getting back into race mode with 10th place in a pb of 21-18 in the Realteam.co.uk promoted 10 miles time trial on the fast R10/17 course in Wales.  However wife Lucy was in even more devastating form taking over 40 seconds off her previous pb with a time of 23-44 for 2nd Lady and 45th overall from an entry of 91 riders.

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